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The World view on travel from two little Wire hair Dachshunds. We were born in Capena near Rome and we travelled, some would say emigrated to Canada, some five years ago. We lived in Ottawa until this morning when without any notice or warning, some people. we do not know who, came into our home and took everything away. There was nothing left but our two kennels and our blankets, some toys and our food. Then our two papas came and bundled everything up, we went to the garage and got in the car. We had no idea where we were going, it was not to the Vet nor the Beauty Salon.  We were sitting on the back seat with our blankets etc. this was all too strange for words. Was this going to be a long trip, again no explanation. Uncle Pervy, who is our Official designated Babysitter, we know people do find his name strange but it is a long story and goes back to another time in Rome before our birth, when our family had a long hair Dachshund by the name of Reesie. He was not related to us, he came from Chicago, an American.

All this to say that the manner of our departure from Ottawa today was so strange we thought a Coup d’Etat had taken place and we had to flee a revolution or something like that where Squirrels take over the World. We felt like the Royal Family of Italy who had to flee the Communists in 1946, Nora did now want to flee, she thought I will kill all the squirrels. Nicky not so sure, it’s messy and they have rights too you know and besides a revolution, if one took place, would interfere with my lifestyle.

Anyway after 7 hours we arrived at this strange place called Rivière du Loup (the wolf’s river) a small town on the great St-Lawrence River and the junction to another place where we heard our gros papa and Uncle Pervy talk about. It is apparently another 7 hours away across a great forest where Moose live. Fearless Nora wants to see the Moose eye to eye, that might not be possible since they weight 3 tons and stand several meters tall whereas Nora weighs only 6 Kg, but no matter Nora assures us that she can hunt them too, no problem. I tried to explain to her that it is out of Season, she does not understand. I think Nora has a one track mind, hunting! It does run in her family you know back in Italy.

As for me my Dad was a Champion Show Dog, so my life is like one big show at Cinecittà. I’m not vain I just know I am good looking.

So what does all this travel mean? We do not like all this travelling and we do not like to be kept in the dark about the agenda. Also our other Papa is not  with us, why is that, when is he coming, so many questions. We do not want to sound like whining Canadians about being transparent etc. but maybe they could explain to us what is going on. At least our luggage has not been lost and we got treats and our regular meals, so we cannot complain too much. Well tomorrow is another day and we shall see what new adventure it brings.