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Well it has been 7 days since our arrival on the Island on 28 May. It has been a whirlwind of activities around the house and in town with gallery openings and cocktail parties. There is a high level of sophistication in Charlottetown and a good crowd of people. The weather is cooler than seasonally normal around 18C in the day time.

Life here is much slower and quiet than anywhere else I have lived and it is very pleasant. That is not to say that there is nothing or little to do, in fact there is always something going on. Socially speaking it is a very active place and we have a group of friends on the Island.

Last night we went to a gallery opening at Brackley Point, then next week the Indian River Festival starts and then the Art Gallery is having its Season Opening. So weeks and weekend tend to be pretty full of activities. It is a different lifestyle, none of the stress of big cities or the noise or  pollution. Walking the streets, there is little traffic and everyone says hello. As I was getting out of the car yesterday, I could smell the heavy perfume of the flowers in the beds all around. Everything is a deep green with the contrast of the red earth. Going to the  Farmer’s Market is a pleasure, so many good things.  Bought Cod Fish Cakes made by the family of the Fishermen who brought in the catch.

I was telling someone that our wire hair Dachshund Nora was not happy because she could not see any squirrels in our neighbourhood however there are lots of Fox and their kits around. However we do have Red squirrels in the wooded area. I wonder how Nora would react if she met with a Fox.


Red Squirrel near Malpeque


  A Fox Kit near us