A very good history of how a United Canada started as we approach Canada Week and our National Day 1 July. This is why Charlottetown is called the Birthplace of Canada’s Confederation.

Willy Or Won't He

Olympic-Circus A left click will display the entire newspaper ad – it was quite the show!

On August 31, 1864 when the S.S. Queen Victoria, carrying the political elite of the Province of Canada, steamed into Charlottetown harbour there was no one working on the public wharf at the foot of Great George Street. In fact her – and their arrival – went largely unnoted by the good people of PEI. Slaymaker & Nichols’ Olympic Circus was in town – the first visit by a circus to the Island in over twenty years. The lure of the daring feats of the “World’s finest riders, acrobats and clowns” was stronger than a gaggle of politicians in silk hats and beaver coats. Besides the delegation was, so they said, only there as “observers” of a planned conference on a Maritime Union; an event that engendered only slightly more interest in the general populace…

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