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Festivals, PEI has them and they all focus on Culture, Music, History and raising funds for various causes which benefit the Islanders and sometimes causes abroad in far away lands.

Today I went with Island friends to The River Clyde Pageant PEI 2016, www.riverclydepageant.com

This poster was made by a local artist.


Chef Emily Wells who owns the Local 343 restaurant and The Mill on the Clyde River was preparing the meal. The food was excellent, I told her so. She is a very nice person. I met a lot of people and had great conversations. Socially I meet a lot of people, weekends are really busy. It is amazing what a small world we live in and in PEI you constantly meet people who know people you know or have heard of you through conversations amongst friends.


The staff donated their time tonight and all worked for free, during dinner there was music etc. The Mill is an old animal feed mill and was a school before, it has been beautifully restored.

The Mill is in the village of New Glasgow  who is also known for its Lobster Church Supper. The whole countryside in the area is spectacular with rolling hills and farms. By car it is only 25 minutes from our home in Charlottetown.



The yellow building in this photo is now devoted to making fruit preserves, they also have a nice shop and a beautiful garden called the Garden of Hope. Their website http://preservecompany.com


The hall where the Lobster Church Dinner takes place. It has been going on for years and remains popular.