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As I walk around the neighbourhood, I take photos of the street scape.


Trinity United Church built in 1863 on Prince Street, this is where the vigil took place after the terrible events in Orlando, more than 1000 people showed up. For such a small town this is an impressive number.


City Hall of Charlottetown, originally it was a Fire Hall


Low tide on West Street


Flower display as is common to see


I love the entrance to this house in Palladian Style.


This is the house across the street with its expansive lawn.


The entrance to Fanningbank, the Official Residence of the Lieutenant Governor of PEI. He is the representative of the Sovereign in the Province. The house is in Palladian style built around 1847 and named after Edmund Fanning born in Long Island in 1737 and died in London, England, on 28 February 1818. He graduated from Yale in 1757 and settled as a lawyer in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where he was elected Colonel of Militia in 1763, Clerk of the Superior Court in 1765 and subsequently went to the Legislature. He raised a regiment of Loyalists to fight against the rebellion in the American Colonies and was made General. He moved to Nova Scotia near the close of the war and was appointed Councillor and Lieutenant Governor on 23 September 1783. Three years later, on 4 November 1786, he was appointed Governor of St. John Island (Prince Edward Island). This office he held for 18 years.



The Old Train Station in use from 1907-1989 when all trains and track were dismantled. It is now used as a government office.




One more boat launched at the Marina on Peakes Wharf just a block from the house. There is a steady parade of boats being brought to the Marina these days. Everyone wants their boat in the water before the long Canada Day Weekend.