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Last night for Canada Day we got together with friends for a pot luck dinner of gourmet slider burgers (my recipe) a wonderful salad, some Moroccan Cigars which are like egg rolls and come with a spicy sauce, very good, dessert were fresh PEI strawberries, the first of the Season. There was also a shrimp dip and a guacamole dip both very good. Lots of wines and good conversation. All in the setting of one of the most spectacular gardens I have ever seen. From the street you could not tell that this beautiful little bungalow hid behind it such a magical garden with a small lake full of Koi, a waterfall, and lanterns from Bali. All of it surrounded by majestic old trees giving it an air of peace and tranquility.

While sipping on wine, someone pointed out the black Fox in the neighbours garden. I had never seen a black Fox, his coat was like silk and his tail had flecks of white in it. He crossed the fence and sauntered at a respectful distance on the other side of the small lake. I was glad I did not have Nora with me, the wire hair dachshund hunter spirit in her would have triggered a fight. The neighbour who lives in the house next door, a stone mansion in the romanesque style built in 1888 as a gift for a bride who once presented to her refused to live in it. The neighbour said, oh yes that black Fox stole my gardening gloves, he is very bold, he lives here and moves about as he please. It was a magical site to see such an animal simply walking about at the bottom of the garden.


Then at 10pm the fireworks coming from the old Battery overlooking the mouth of the river and harbour entrance. We walked to the river’s edge just a few steps away from our garden party on Kent Street. The whole area was full of people, the grounds of historical Beaconsfield House and the Entrance to Fanningbank, the Official Residence of the Lieutenant Governor of PEI illuminated by the display. The crowd was quiet and simply enjoying the show and this beautiful evening.