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Today, Sunday we went for a stroll up Lower Queen Street, this is the portion between Water street and Grafton Street in old Charlottetown. A market takes place between 9am and 3pm. All kinds of Island artisans and farmers show up, it is most interesting to see. We came upon a lady who had a stand and she has stories to tell about Cats, Dachshunds and Dragons. She also sells the most interesting dolls of cats and dogs, truly works of art.

Two books have been published so far on her magical stories about them and you can find them on AMAZON. Also she has a Facebook page entitled Wild Island Cats.

The Cats are PixieCats, ElfCats, SeaCats, MerCats, WereCats, FeyCats, all have magic attributes.

While there different races of Wild Island Cats, the Hounds distinguish themselves based upon their House or Corps.

House  of Barkandale

House of BlueNose

House of RedRover

SeaDogs Corps

Beagle Corps

Dachshund Dragon Guard, they like Yoda from Star Wars, these small hounds are full of surprises.

BlackWater Bayers

The little history goes like this, back in the Great Dragon Realms, the Cats were the Keepers of the Magic and the Hounds were the Guardians of the Young Dragons and for countless times all was good. Then the Dragon Realm was attacked and the Cats and the Hounds had to flee. They searched the Universe for a place to seek refuge, in the end they found Earth.

When they arrived humans were not ready to meet magic Cats and Warrior Hounds, so they withdrew to a tiny dune island just North of PEI. With a bit of Magic they transformed the island and shielded it from view and there they stayed for hundreds of years.

As time went by, the Cats and the Hounds became curious about the people of PEI, they disguised themselves and came to live among us as our pets. Over the centuries, they have protected us, guided us and watched as we slowly lost touch with the magic of Life.

Now the Cats and Hounds are here in their true form to help bring magic back to our world.

The Message of the Cats and Hounds;

Be you, Be here, Be Happy!