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We have had Dachshunds for 26 years now, the first two where a smooth hair female and the other was a long hair male. In 2009 we got our two wire hair Dachshunds in Rome, they are not related. This breed is known for being stubborn and controlling, they always try to control the situation and see how far they can push things.

Our Nicky who is 7 years old now comes from a line of show dogs, his father was Hungarian-Italian, National Champion in Italy and also in the EU. Nicky is very clever and calculating, he only weighs 7 Kg and is a miniature Dachshunds but that does not stop him.


Like dog of this breed he has loads of personality and is very different from Eleonora (Nora) our female Dachshund whose comes from a line of Champion Boar hunting family. She has the hunter instinct, is very determined and independent.


Here is Nora watching the park across the street for anything that might need her to raise the alarm, which she does with regularity.

Both of them speak, using facial expressions, looks and an endless modulation of whines, grunts, puffing through the nose, low growls, barking, paw stomping, to signal what they expect from us.

Meal time is a fix time exercise, God help me if I am late or forget, Nicky becomes agitated and you feel he is upset and will complain to management for poor service. Nora will let him do the circus number but you can tell she too is none too happy about tardiness. Both are walked separately because of question of the order of precedence and who leads, it is complicated.  Dachshunds are very difficult to train as dogs, they can easily be trained to track and hunt from birth, which they do naturally as it is a breed characteristic. But the other stuff house dogs do, they don’t.

With Nicky, he does not like to walk, so we do not go out for a walk, we simply go out for a simple do my business here and here and back in the house we go. If I want to go further, I have to carry him, put him down and then he will walk back quickly home. You may wonder well what if you don’t carry him, Nicky sits down and simply proceeds to ignore me completely. Treats don’t work, he does not walk, how difficult is that to understand.

Nora on the other hand loves to walk, run, jump and use her nose as a radar, sniff out things, run after the big black Crows, we have a lot of them and they are an aggressive bird. On the other hand Nicky ignores it all, as if he is above it all.  He also does not like to go out after dark, too scary, or if it rains or snows, no not going out unless an umbrella is provided. Try moving a miniature Dachshund, Nicky can make himself weigh 10 tons simply by his will power.


The Farm in Capena, minutes from Rome, where Nicky and Nora were born in 2009, owned by the well known Veterinarian Massimo Buzzanca and his spouse Tiziana Tola.