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With the opening of the Lobster fishing Season in late March in the waters around PEI there is a lot of Lobster on the market. Because of dwindling stocks and raising prices, one pound lobster is sold in restaurants from $25. to $31. and the two pounder is over $40 dollars. The little canners are now banned, too immature and a measure in need of preserving stocks. Seafood stocks in general are down 40% due to over fishing in the Maritimes. Fishermen over fished the Cod and the Atlantic Salmon and now it is all farmed which is pretty awful when you think of it, especially if you are old enough to remember the taste of it before it disappeared. A bit like the worm infested Tilapia fish sold frozen in supermarkets.

Charlottetown does not have a Fish Market, which is surprising given the amount of fish brought to shore, it has stores like Mr.Seafood which sells fresh seafood and fish. There are also many restaurant in the Capital serving Oysters and seafood and out of town eateries like the famous Point Prim Chowder House in Belfast PEI. http://www.chowderhousepei.com


Point Prim Lighthouse, PEI

But right across the street from my humble abode is the Water Prince Corner Store, the old corner store disappeared years ago but the name endure and this gold mine of a seafood restaurant is open from May to October only. The owner was a former bricklayer who purchased the property and re-invented himself into a restaurateur. In the process he did very well. This very simple restaurant is known for its Lobster at one , one and a half and two pounds, cooked in the traditional way and served with lemon juice. Nothing fancy here, just honest seafood. He also export the world over. The menu also has many other seafood items prepared in the traditional way, it is all good. It must be if you consider the line ups from lunchtime to dinner.


Happy tourists stuffing their faces with seafood at the Water Prince


Despite the empty tables outside the inside is standing room only. IMG_1838.jpg

Lunch crowd gathers, people fight for tables.


Public transport for tourists


Coming down Prince Street to pick up the happy wanderers off the cruise ship.

We also have Lobster Ice Cream now which is available from certain restaurants for a short period. Now this is not as strange as you might think, a few years ago in Sicily in the town of Ragusa we came upon a very well known ice cream shop which had Beet Ice cream amongst the many un-traditional flavours, I tried it and can say it was quite good.

You can also get for breakfast at the Farmer’s Market on Belvedere street Oysters on the half-shelf at 10am, now in my book that beats eggs and bacon any day, which just go to show how civilized Charlottetown is.