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One of the many pleasures of living on the Island is the impromptu nature of many gatherings or visits. Per example a neighbour or friend will drop by to say hello, they will not stay more than 10 minutes but it is a social call nothing more, a quick coffee.

Often parties are given and you get an invite at the last moment, are you free for a drink, one may ask? Just pop over which often means walking over a couple of blocks, this is a small town.

Or you invite people thinking we will be 4 or 6 all together but on the Island it is likely that you will be 12 to 16, everyone brings a bottle and have a drink and then leave and you inherit all the unopened or half empty liquor bottles. You would not see this in Ontario, it is not done, this is typical Island.

Last weekend we had heard of the River Clyde Pageant organized by the daughter of a friend of ours. I did not have a ticket but a few days prior was invited to attend, the site of the Pageant is about 20 minutes outside of town in New Glasgow, PEI. The banner photo at the top of my blog is the area in question, the River Clyde meanders and ends up in the Atlantic.

I was told it was sold out, many more people showed up than were expected and the whole Pageant taking place along the river banks was magical, so well done with a shoe string budget and the help of neighbours and friends all coming together to make it happen. Afterwards a picnic dinner cooked up by Chef Emily Wells was served on the terrace in front of her restaurant The Mill, like always her food is wonderful. All you had to do was to make a donation to the Pageant.

I saw a lot of people I knew and the whole evening was great fun, very relaxed. Next weekend another party in the countryside is planned.  On any given day, the beach is an option, set in a National Park with pristine sand as far as you can see, quiet and pleasant.

I have a tan, the first in since I was a kid, this is a great Summer!

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