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As you can tell from my new header photo, you are looking at Ireland and its dramatic scenery. In a few days we will fly from PEI to Dublin, the ancestral home of the O’Beaulieu clan of Limerick no less, but I won’t mention them again, they were all under four foot tall and called Leperchaun’s, spendthrift who wasted their pot of gold, the shame! However it is the home of Will’s family, they are not Leperchaun’s and well over four feet tall from Belfast.

We planned this Anniversary trip more than one year ago, well before we thought of moving to PEI, Will’s 70th and my 60th and our 40th with not a cross word in between, Ok maybe one to two cross words.


images.jpeg EIRE

We will be in Dublin for a few days, I have not been in that city since 1969. I am looking forward to visiting the city again and see if I can remember anything of what I saw as a lad.

We will then proceed to travel around the Republic on train with Belmond see website belmond.com for all the details.


Train and crew


Bar on board


room cabin on the train

Belmond Grand Hibernian Train Sligo Dining car.jpg

restaurant car one of two on the train

We will visit several cities and take part in excursions, it is described as a touring vacation, good walking shoes required and some rain gear, just in case.


The Key stops on this trip, but we are not going to Dundalk or Portrush



Then we fly to London to see friends and proceed to Southhampton to board the Queen Mary 2 for our return journey, which is 7 days at sea.


the Cunard line, Queen Mary 2

So this is our little excursion for the month of September. I am not planning to take my laptop with me on this trip, one less thing to carry. I will bring two books to read on the trip back by sea. So you will have to wait our return on the 28th September to read about our adventures.