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We have had a glorious sunny week in Charlottetown, late Summer weather with cool nights.

There are 2 cruise ships in port every day and next week we will have 3 in one day. Though the ships can carry upwards of 2000 passengers, they usually have only about 1000 on board at the most.

It is so pleasant to walk around town and go the to dock to look at the river and all the green and some colour now on the trees all around, really idyllic. Here are some pictures.




With this Thanksgiving weekend a lot of activities at the Marinas, the owners are taking their boats out of the water for winter. There was one this afternoon being taken out a great big thing, valued at $750.000 cdn. I can just imagine the cost of gas for that boat. It is so big that as it goes down Water Street to its parking place for the Winter it needs an escort truck to make sure incoming traffic is not in the way. The other pictures are of the various Cruise ships. This is my backyard literally, the once close up with the Holland American ship is taken from my kitchen window.

It is so relaxing to just sit on the docks, enjoy the quiet and the sun and eat an ice cream looking at the scenery.