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After a fantastic stop in Westport and the the visit to Ashford Castle and the time spent with the Hawks and Falcons, we returned via a very scenic route to Westport and our train waiting for us on our private platform. At the Station the train was too long by 3 cars for the platform, no problem, we had more oysters on the half-shelf and this time a small glass of Guinness, which I found to be a very good beer which goes well with Oysters.

Here are some of the views on the road back, Ireland is a spectacular country in its geography.





The West Country


County Mayo, in dark green. The Pink area is Ulster and its 6 counties,(Northern Ireland).

I can say that we have visited all of Ireland now, including Ulster. The Irish are a charming people, helpful and kind. Ireland has beautiful and dramatic scenery of great natural beauty. I learned to appreciate Guinness beer, me a non-beer drinker and sample 2 Irish whiskeys I really liked Green Spot and Yellow Spot which I found to be very good.

Though I preferred Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey.

Nose: There are masses of fleshy stone fruit on the nose, especially peach and apricot with hints of sherried dried fruit and Bourbon cask vanilla.

Palate: The palate is equally fruity with a substantial body and a velvety texture.

Finish: The finish is long and sweet with notes of marzipan and dried apricots.

Overall: This is very different to the Green Spot we all know and love with a delicious sweetness to it and a firmer body.


Our train arrived in early morning in Dublin Heuston Station, we took a taxi to our hotel to pick-up our luggage and headed to the Airport for our flight to London.


Heuston Station, Dublin

The next part of our trip was about to begin.