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As of today Saturday 29 October, the citizens of the Province of Prince Edward Island will have 10 days to express their choice for a new electoral system to replace the old antiquated system of First past the post.  We have 5 choices of possible voting systems.

We can vote by phone or by the internet or in person. Each voter is given a PIN number which is unique and you fill out the Plebiscite ballot stating which system you prefer from 1 being the best to 5 being the least favoured.

I hope people will take this opportunity, it is very important. PEI is the first and only Canadian Province so far to hold a Plebiscite on the question. At the National level Prime Minister Trudeau has promised a change and all political parties in the House of Commons are involved in reviewing options by consulting with Canadians across the country, the report should be presented in a few weeks.  PM Justin Trudeau has promised that by 2019 when the next Federal election is to take place we will have a new electoral system. I like a lot of Canadians are looking forward to this new system.


The options are on the ballot: Dual Member Proportional (DMP),

Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), Preferential Voting (PV), First past the Post (current system), First past the post plus leaders.

The MMP system is the one in Germany, Scotland, New Zealand. A lot of people like this system.

The PV system is used in Australia and Ireland.

Our system in Canada does not make every vote count a party can currently get 40% of the vote and the majority of the seats in the House, which is not fair.