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Here are some photos I wanted to share from Twitter.

Andrew King of Ottawa, famous historian who always comes up with the most fascinating stories on Ottawa Rewind, could not find candies at the store so he got luncheon meat and Maggi instant noodles instead, this made me laugh hard. Imagine the face of the kids getting this stuff, priceless!


Our Prime Minister also dressed up to go trick or treating with his kids in the New Edinburg neighbourhood where they live in Ottawa.


PM Justin Trudeau is dressed up as the famous writer Saint-Exupery and his son as the Little Prince, from the story of the book, we all read as kids.


The neighbours also dressed up, cross dressing Queen Elizabeth II, LOL!


How about this spooky cloud formation with the setting Sun in the Province of Alberta, out West.


Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait near Charlottetown, PEI
The ship is described as a beautiful schooner that has three masts (sometimes four masts, as reports vary) with pure white sails, all of which become completely engulfed in flames as onlookers watch. There never seems to be a predetermined place for where the ship will appear; sightings tend to happen when least expected.
Sightings have occurred throughout the seasons, but seem to be more prevalent from September to November. These visions are also apparent before a northeast wind, and folklore has it that this brilliant ghost ship is a forewarning of a storm.