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A great principle was upheld in the Courts in London today. The Judges reminded Ms May the British PM that Parliament is Sovereign and that no person can do or undo a law only Parliament can. In typical Conservative fashion she dismissed the Courts saying that she has a mandate from the people, poor Theresa deluded by her lack of understanding of how the Westminster Parliamentary system works. It really does not matter what people voted in a referendum or not, it was a consultation and is not binding, despite what any opinion maker may say.

When Parliament voted on having this referendum on leaving the European Union it was understood that it was a consultation. Mr Cameron who was PM at the time never thought he might loose, arrogant buffoon that he was. It was Parliament who authorized the Government all those years ago to join the European Union and leaving the EU will require Parliament assent. No the PM cannot invoke Royal Prerogative in this case.

Of course the Conservative are appealing this decision to the Supreme Court in London which is composed of 12 judges appointed by the Monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty is a principle of the UK constitution. It makes Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law.

So we will see now how Brexit goes, this is quite the roadblock for Theresa May and her government. It is likely the Supreme Court will uphold the judgement of today in the High Court. Ms May does not want to go to Parliament because she knows she may very well loose. So Brexit is not such a sure thing after all.