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I had written earlier, a few weeks ago about our Plebiscite to change the way we vote in PEI. Over a period of 7 days people could vote by internet, phone or in person on 5 possible system to replace the current old and unfair First Past the Post system. Some 36% of a possible 80,000 voters in PEI actually voted. What is interesting is that 77% voted through the internet, a first and it was easy and fraud proof.  We are the first Province in Canada to try internet voting and it was very popular.

Of the 36% of voted for a new electoral system some 52% chose a Proportional Representation system making each vote count and allocating seats based on percentage received. This means that all 5 parties would get at least one seat in the Legislature based on the percentage of votes cast for them. It might mean coalition governments but at least each vote would count and stop the current system of giving false majorities to parties who did not get a majority of the popular vote.


Unfortunately the Premier of the Province is now saying that 36% voter turnout is not high enough to implement changes, he never said we needed a certain percentage to change the system. A lot of voters are very upset at his decision which I take as a terrible political mistake.

I live in Charlottetown which is no.16 on the map. As you can see the MMP option was most favoured. It has to be debated now in the Legislature. As far as I am concerned if you do not vote you forfeit your rights to speak up later, Democracy means participation.