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Despite being small, the Capital Charlottetown does not lack for things to do. This weekend we went to the Island Craft Show, one of the first Christmas event where you can shop for Xmas gift ideas. Everyone displaying items are artisans and most are well known to everyone. It’s 2 blocks away from our house so we walked down, it was not crowded, we looked around, we bought a few books on PEI and one on Acadian Christmas Traditions on PEI, we bought a small clock shaped like the Lighthouse at Point Prim for our guest bedroom, it is made of carved maple wood and is rather handsome piece.

Today we went to a concert at St-Paul’s Anglican Church, the Atlantic String Machine was playing all Russian music, they are a small ensemble of professional musicians. St-Paul’s is an old stone church built of red flagstones typical of the Island. The architect was William Critchlow Harris, the brother of the famous Canadian painter Robert Harris. You know its a Harris building simply by looking at the inside, all in red Oak. This is the Whose Who Church in Charlottetown, so many famous people, Fathers of Confederation, Governors etc and first families have been part of this parish, plaques everywhere on the walls. The stain glass windows are old and very nice, all done in that Pre-Raphaelite English style of the late 19th century. The city is very quiet now, next to no traffic and few people about, but you still manage to run into people you know anyway and always have a nice conversation.


The weather is still warm in the teens and with bright sunshine it can be very pleasant to walk. However once the sun sets the temperature drop to 5C and that is a bit more chilly. We have also had strong winds at night which is to be expected.


Province House around 04:30pm today. It is next to St-Paul’s Anglican Church where we were at the concert.


The back of St-Paul’s in Charlottetown.


Inside the wood ceiling, the acoustics are wonderful, no microphones needed.


Details of the columns, wonderful wood work.


This is a mural on Prince Street, I do not know the background to this Bee theme, but it is fun.


The Bishop’s Palace on Great George Street, it is quite imposing and built in an Italianate Style.


Another building by W.C. Harris, he was quite the busy architect in his time.


Will reading the new books we bought at the Xmas Craft Fair.


Our Street, early morning around 07:00am, the Sun rising in the East on the other side of our house.


From our kitchen window, look at the fog over the Hillsborough River in the early morning.