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No I am not speaking of geographic parallels or border, but our anniversary for me and Will.

Yes it has been 39 years this 26 November, how time flies. The traditional gift in Germany is a Sun Theme gift.


 We have had our ups and downs like in any relationship, we have lived around the world in cultures very different from our own and we have seen other relationships falter. But we have managed to keep our love for each other alive and our little family together.  What is our secret, I do not know and I cannot say we have a magic formula. Life does change  people and we are different each in our own way from who we were all those years ago.

I would say caring for each other and looking after each other’s interest, celebrating important milestones, matters the most in the long term and being flexible.


Our Friends in Charlottetown, D & P sent us these flowers for our Anniversary, what a nice surprise.

A Happy Anniversary to us!