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Every year the Friends of the Confederation Centre for the Arts organize a wreath contest. Anyone can make a Christmas Wreath and bring it to the CCOA to be displayed in the long gallery. Some people spend a year preparing and making their wreath, it has to be original and not commercial. There is a panel of judges and a prize is given, all in good fun.

Here is some photos of this year’s entry.


This entry is made from the remnants of a Lobster trap and decorated with PEI shells.


This one was made by a 10 yr old girl and she made by hand each little fairy on her wreath


Dog biscuits and leash for Christmas


The caption on this one says What I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.


Cut out music sheet of Christmas carols.


Clothes pegs snow men and deers


Just a sample of all the wreaths this year on display.