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The day Winter arrived to PEI. Up until now we had a mild Autumn and lovely sunny days. But on the night of the 27 to 28 a North Eastern Wind blew in with great force at 110KM per hour and bringing with it snow and rain. Some 12,000 people on the Island lost power and we all knew Winter had arrived. This meant school closing and warning about icy roads. The Ferries were cancelled and the Confederation bridge to the mainland had severe restrictions on motor traffic crossing, with such high winds I would not want to drive on that bridge 150 meters in the air over 12 km.


This morning a brilliant sunshine and mild weather, the snow is melting and with it we got dazzling sunlight which you only see in Winter.

During the night we were woken up by the snow clearance machines at 3:00 and 4:30am. I did not get up to move the car in our lot, too much trouble. The snow with all the water in it was like concrete, lucky thing I did not have to shovel it.

Another storm is predicted for Tuesday night with again high powerful winds, Winter here is about the wind more than anything else. Lucky we live in the centre of the Capital so we are somewhat protected from losing power, but I am always concerned about the big old trees in such storms and big branches falling. We do have a lot of big ancient trees all around.