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As much as Friday and Saturday we got misty rain and some wind, always wind on this Island. Today we have roving clouds with small flurries of snow and blue sky with Sun. We are doing the Christmas tree and decorations today.

Here are some pictures which I find beautiful on this day.


The Via Appia built more than 2000 years ago. We walked this road which crosses Italy with its ancient pavement. What I discovered is that as you near the City Walls you have all these ruins, some elaborate, they are Mausoleums to the wealthy Patricians of Rome. So it was a famous road but also a cemetery in a beautiful setting. Misty Sunday morning in Rome.





This weekend is the Christmas Market on Richmond Street in Old Charlottetown and here is the bronze statue on a park bench of our First Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald dressed up as the tradition wants for the occasion. #discovercharlottetown







An evening view of a street in old Dresden in Saxony, Germany. The Xmas Market is on this weekend, I remembered it, like the one in Munich, so much fun and so many things to see. To think that Dresden just 25 years ago was still pretty much a ruin from February 1945 devastating bombings. Lovingly restored and in the background the dome of the Frauenkirchen rebuilt with public donations.


The Old Kirk of St-James in Charlottetown on Fitzroy Street. This presbyterian parish church was built in 1878 in its present form though the parish exist since 1770.