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It occurred to me today that the Winter in PEI is a lot like the Winters in Poland.  Same gray skies and cold. Also PEI produces a lot of potatoes like Poland, in fact the Frito Lays you eat are made from PEI Potatoes from the Monahan Farms on Graham Road near Summerfield.

Another fun activity in Charlottetown in Winter is Art Classes given in Bars and restaurants, attendance is fairly high, from 50 to 125 people. The painting classes are given by established artists or art teachers. Per example the PEI Brewing Company is giving what is called ART Battle 475 on December 23. From what I have seen it goes beyond the cute pictures.

Today we started the Christmas decoration, in fact we started two days ago, a lot of prep work goes into it, a whole day polishing the 30 Sterling Silver Xmas tree balls from Neiman Marcus and other Sterling Silver ornaments like the flower medallions . Then setting up the tree and then deciding which decorations will go on this year. We have enough decorations we collected over 39 years in various countries to make 7 full grown trees. So we rotate them. While unpacking the decorations I came across tickets from 2008 Christmas Season programme for the ballet Lo Schiaccianoci at the Opera di Roma, that is Italian for Nutcracker.

Today our friend L.P. brought us a fresh bouquet of Holly branches, just beautiful. So it is all falling into place for the Holiday.

We still have to plan our Christmas Eve and Day, what will we do? I do not know, but am sure something will fall into place, am not averse to having just a quiet dinner at home.

As for Xmas gifts, I do not want anything, I have everything I want and then some. Same for Will, we are happy with our lot.


close-up our Tree 2016 edition.


The decorations and ornaments are from Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Sicily, Ireland, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, USA, PEI, Canada, handmade, most one of a kind by artisans and bought in privately owned shops or local markets.