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Today we finished decorating our Christmas tree and as tradition dictates I put the Star on top. Same Star ornament, decades old, bought in a local store in Ottawa all those years ago for $1. a lot of sentimental value in that little tin foil star.



Today at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, the Friends of the CCOA offered as is tradition a thank you Coffee with cakes and sweets to all the staff of the Centre. All the cakes and sweets are home made by the board members,  I made oatmeal muffins which flew off the plate. We also offered Mandarins which are so popular at this time of the year.


While at coffee, our Board President was discussing next year’s decoration at the Centre with the Chief engineer. This year we did 21 Xmas trees all decorated differently this does not include all the other trees outside around the Centre. The Chief engineer was saying that he can buy a 15 foot tall tree for $40. A tree that size in any big town in Canada would go for $350.+. Here on the Island everyone does boughs and wreaths from natural products often coming from a relatives grove or farm, you just don’t buy the stuff at the store. The little grocery store I go too on Riverside, has an excellent butcher shop in the old fashion sense, they have two butchers who can advise you and give you the cut of meat you want. On the other side they have a bakery, Cristal is the baker but she also has friends who bake for her and all her breads, buns, cookies, etc. are made right there, they also have a great PEI Cheese counter and organic vegetables from the Island Farmers, you know them the names are familiar. So they also sell all kinds of greenery to make wreaths and boughs and the prices are very reasonable. Just love going to that store which is in front of the Hillsborough River.


A wreath on our Friend D.S. front door, they are made by P.S. who has a lot of talent when it comes to doing such things.


Here is another wreath on the house next door


I think those wreaths are just beautiful and all on my street, so I get to walk pass them every day.

Talking of coffee, we go at 3pm to Receiver Coffee shop on Richmond Street, the place is owned by Chris and the coffee is superior in taste and quality, the food is also very good, It is the place to go for coffee in Charlottetown. The shop sits just across from the CCOA so you get a lot of actors, artists and musicians who come in for coffee and a bite to eat. So the other day on FB, I saw this promo for the Island Morning coffee blend with Matt Rainie and Mitch Cormier who are the hosts of the CBC Island Morning Show, it is listened too by most of the population of the Island. Everyone knows Matt Rainie, so they arranged with Chris to get a coffee blend which could be sold to customers for $20. of which $10. would go to needy families and Food Banks during the Holiday Season.



At Christmas time a lot of groups will give money and food to the Food Bank. The CBC is doing a turkey drive and the Island Potato Farmers will give 10lbs of potatoes for one turkey given, so a family in need gets a fresh Island turkey and 10lbs of spuds. They did say on the radio tonight how many turkeys have been given so far and they already have hundreds of pounds of potatoes to go with it. Another business gave 120 pies to the CBC for the food drive and Boomer Gallant our local weatherman star went to collect them. The generosity is touching and surprising because it comes from people not Corporations or big business, many donate anonymously.

Just a final picture tonight of St-Paul’s Anglican on Grafton Street next to Province House.


St-Paul was built by William Critchlow Harris in 1896, brother of the famous Canadian Painter Robert Harris.