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As some of you may have noticed I do change my header on this blog quite often. I try to feature the Island Province, we do have a lot of beautiful scenery and I take advantage of it.

This morning I have this view of the corner of Kent Street and Queen Street where Charlottetown City Hall is located with its tower and large bay doors now windows, it use to be a Fire Hall. Queen street is a commercial street lots of small businesses, coffee shops, restaurants and at the bottom of it the Hillsborough river. In the distance you see the opening to the Straits of Northumberland, this is where the cruise ships come in to dock at the foot of Prince Street.


Winter on the Island is just as nice as Summer with different activities. So far if I compare Winter in Central Canada and here on the Atlantic there is a difference in the climate. I much prefer the cold Season here, it is easier to take.

Here is another scene but this one is of the beach at Brackley which is about 15 minutes from my home, easy to get too. The green vegetation has turned brown and a dusting of snow covers the ground. It has been noted by various tourism publication that PEI has some of the most beautiful beaches in North America.