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This Winter we have so far many cold but brightly sunny days, cold around -6C or +8C it alternates depending on the wind South East or North East.

There are many places to walk in Charlottetown, the downtown area is quite small, 6 blocks by 9 blocks. with green squares and parks here and there. Then we also have the 50 acre Victoria Park facing the entrance to the Straits with 3 rivers coming together.

I took a walk and some photos of the area yesterday, lots of people walking their dogs.


The opening into the Straits of Northumberland with on the right side of the photo Rocky Point where Port La-Joye or Fort Amherst is located, the first establishment before Charlottetown was built. Even today a beautiful spot if a bit isolated.


One of the lighthouses in the area to guide ships, this one at the entrance to the North River. They are automated.


Beaconsfield, a folly built by in 1877 by James and Edith Peakes, a very prominent family of immense wealth. They did not enjoy their house long, James went bankrupt and left town moving to Vancouver some 6000 Km away, I suppose he took the new train across Canada, to work in a bar, am not sure what happened to Edith but I believe she stayed in town. The house was re-possessed by Henry Cundall, who had other homes in town, who moved into it in 1883 with his sisters Penelope and Millicent. It is a beautiful museum today and gives a good idea of how the affluent lived then.

IMG_2306 2.jpg

Fanningbank, the Official Residence of the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Prince Edward Island since 1834. I do volunteer work here, I just completed the updating of the notes for the guides who give tours in the Summer months. It had to be completely redone, covering each room, the furniture, the paintings and portraits, the oriental rugs, etc plus the history in a short format in both Official Languages, 20 pages in French and 20 in English. It took me 3 months and I am quite happy with my work.

As you walk the boardwalk you will pass in front of the Residence, the thick hedge is higher than it looks, Fanningbank is next door to Beaconsfield house.


The Prince Edward Battery (1799) just to the West of Fanningbank in a defensive position facing the entrance to the Harbour of Charlottetown, British regulars and Colonial Militia until 1864 manned the site. The stone powder house (1866) was just restored completely.

It is a nice walk, fresh air, bright Sun, just fun all around thing to do. I have taken our Nora for a walk here, she liked it, lots of smells and wants to jump into the river, roll in the grass and chase the crows. I know crazy Wire Hair Dachshund.