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Learning the Island life is interesting, per example Islanders will shop in droves the day before a big storm is forecasted. Last week we were told 48 hours ahead that a big storm was coming, result the next day the grocery stores were full of people, it was a sunny bright day and it was hard to believe that a storm was coming. During the night it started to snow and then the high wind which put traffic restrictions on the Sea Bridge to the mainland. In Charlottetown where we had green grass and some snow on the ground we now have more than 2 feet of snow or 60 cm, blowing snow made it deeper in some areas.



Huge mounds of snow in our parking lot next to our house must be at least 2 meters high if not more.

The traffic restriction on the Sea Bridge which is 12Km long means that only single family cars can cross and all trucks are stopped and must wait often up to 12 hours before they are allowed to cross. There is a very good warning system and a APP to warn you well ahead that there might be restrictions. Groceries stores will run short or out of certain food items. Though this has never affected us so far, we tend to buy from local farmers on the Island. Most deliveries are made by truck across the bridge and in Winter there are at least 2 days a week when restrictions apply due to very high winds. This means that the SuperStores run short of grocery items. Store managers were interviewed on this situation. We use to have ice breakers years ago crossing from the mainland to the Island but that is no longer the case.


Confederation Sea Bridge above the Straits of Northumberland, in the distance the mainland of Nova Scotia.

So the tradition on the island is to constitute in Winter a pantry reserve of food so that if you cannot get out due to the winds or amount of snow, then you are snug as a bug in your house. Our car was buried in snow up to the roof, there really was nothing I could do to get it out until the big snow removal tractor came and in 5 minutes I was completely clear. The streets are deserted, no cars can be seen. Some brave souls still have to walk their dog, we do but it is quick, they do not want to go out anyway.

What I find impressive almost in a Chicago style of street cleaning is how the City of Charlottetown sends out the snow plows the minute is starts to snow, my street is cleaned and clear in no time at all.


I believe the City is building an Ice Rink for skaters across from our house.