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Here in Charlottetown the urban Fox population is something to get use to, they are everywhere in either Silver or Red colours. They use to live in the countryside but the arrival of the Coyotes from the Mainland pushed them into town. The Coyotes came to PEI just about 15 years ago via the ice bridge on the Strait of Northumberland, it is estimated about 2000 couples now live on the Island. The coyotes are bigger than the usual coyotes you might encounter, they are half the size of a wolf, sort of a mix, they can be heard in the countryside at night, talking and howling, it can be unnerving but they do keep their distance from humans, though small pets can fall prey to them if you are careless and let your pet  wonder out of the garden.

The Fox on the other hand is a rather urbane and sophisticated animal, they know to be discreet and furtive. Though I have encountered them on the street often just a couple of feet away from me, which I always find startling. They can be nonchalant and pretend they don’t see you. My only concern is if I am out with Nora she instantly goes into hunting mode and gives her dachshund shriek in that furious tone.  From my window I see them running across the park or the street, they always seem to know when to cross and avoid cars. People slow down if they see one.


The silver fox is also quite beautiful and the fur looks like silk. We hear them bark which is distinctive from a dog bark, it cannot be mistaken.

Beautiful animals, I cannot imagine anyone harming them or hunting them. This link is all you need to know about the history of how the Fox came to be on the Island, No they did not like the Coyotes cross on ice floats from the mainland.