This is an interesting point made on raw fish and possible danger in eating sushi. Something I had not thought about.

Buying Seafood

For those who like their salmon on the rare side, time to be more careful as that prime piece of wild Alaskan salmon may be infected by D. nihonkaiense, a member of a genus of tapeworms that can infect humans. This particular species, the Japanese broad tapeworm is the second leading cause of diphyllobothriasis (tapeworm infection) in humans. The tapeworm is usually transferred to human when they consume raw or under-cooked fish that contain the eggs or larvae.

d_latum_lifecycle Life cycle of diphyllobothrium tapeworms. Source: CDC

This has been a long-standing and probably under reported issue in Japan, and could be growing due to the popularity of sushi worldwide. Now the CDC has a report that states that this tapeworm species has been found in North American salmon for the first time. According to the report chum, masu, pink, and sockeye salmon are the species most likely to carry D…

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