Good fish! Something to enjoy all year round.

Buying Seafood

I get asked on nearly a daily basis about my favorite seafood or what fish I like to eat. I’ve gotten better at answering these questions but it’s hard to rank them. When choosing what to get for fish it often comes down to what I can find that is fresh, preferably local, and affordable. Out of the fish that I’ve tried, and I can get on a regular basis, here are my top choices, along with some vintage public domain images of classic seafood.

haddock-farci-1914 Haddock Farci – 1914


Haddock is my favorite fish, it’s a species that I have been connected to my entire life. Fried, baked, broiled or in chowder, haddock is mild, flaky and versatile. If you grew up in a New England fishing family, cod may be king, but we all brought haddock home. Also haddock is a guilt-free choice from a sustainability standpoint here…

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