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We are currently experiencing a big snow storm which came from the US East Coast and now crossing through the Maritime region. Upwards of 60 cm of snow and high winds around 90Km. Everything in the region in closed and everyone is told to stay home, even the plows are off the road until the weather calms down. The Confederation sea bridge to the mainland is also closed completely to all traffic which shows how dangerous the situation is now weather wise.

Yesterday I did my food shopping like everyone else, here is a view of the parking lot at the Atlantic Superstore.


It looks as if the store is buried in snow.


This morning the view looking West in Charlottetown. The storm is coming but it is still 2 hours away from us.


Just outside the City as the snow starts.


About one hour later when some brave souls still went out. Walking the dogs is also difficult in blizzard conditions, they don’t want to do out because of the heavy snow and high winds.


A little later on Queen street downtown. Visibility now is almost nil, the airport is closed and so are all businesses. People are simply staying at home and enjoying a quiet day.

It will be like this until at least 10 am tomorrow Tuesday.