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Since we arrived on PEI in May 2016 I was looking for something for our house that would show where we lived. The Receiver Coffee shop at 128 Richmond street features various artists and recently they had large photo prints by Jared Doyle. instagram.com look for ivoryorphan.

I was taken with his photos, how beautiful they are and how they speak of PEI. Jared takes great care in the composition and strikes a mood with the light in each photo.

Jared is an interesting fellow, he is a photographer and also a barber’s apprentice at the famous Humble Barber 119 Kent Street, the barber salon in town. http://charlottetown.humblebarber.com/services/

Not to mention that he is a barman at UpStreet, a busy fellow indeed. A man of talent.


Laurent and Jared Doyle at Receiver Coffee with his print of downtown Charlottetown, shot taken from the roof of the Holman Hotel. More of his work on the wall behind. Photo taken by Tristan Gray. Jared signed the print and dated it, it was taken in Dec 2016.

While he was signing it, he wrote Brackley Beach instead of Charlottetown, he corrected it. But I want to keep it that way as it makes it original.