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Today is the 15 March and in 44BC was the day Julius Cesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Senate of Rome in the Theatre of Pompey, today Largo di Torre Argentina a square in Rome, that hosts four Republican Roman temples, and the remains of Pompey’s Theatre. It is located in the ancient Campus Martius.


The Ides refers to the mid month and every month has it. Contrary to popular belief, Cesar was not killed because he wanted to make himself dictator for life, but because he favoured the Army and the people over to the wealthy Senatorial class who controlled Rome. Cesar was proposing to change the order of things in Rome and that scared a lot of the 1% who could not stand his politics. His nephew Octavian will become the first Emperor under the name of Augustus after a long civil war against Mark Anthony and the 60 Senators who took part in the murder of his uncle.

Amazing that Julius Cesar has become immortal in our memories 2072 years after his death.


The death of Cesar by French painter Jean Leon Gérôme, 1867. The seated figure in this painting to the right is Marcus Tullius Cicero who will briefly lead Rome after Cesar’s death. He will also tell of the assassination in great detail in his memoirs as an eye witness.