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As I count down for my birthday on Friday, I am looking at old photos of myself and places visited or lived in.


1959 in the family living room when Television sets were actual furniture broadcasting only 4 channels.


The twins of Argos, Kleobis and Biton in the Museum of Delphi in Greece, sculpted by Polymedes c. 500 B.C.  They are twice a human size, presented here as divinities. 


The Sacred enclosure of Delphi where are the major temples are located. It sits above the gulf of Corinth. A spectacular site, quite deserted when we visited in late November of 2008


Here I am enjoying a Greek beer in Delphi just minutes away from the village of Arachova  where we were staying. We were celebrating our Anniversary and friends suggested we visit the area.


A view of part of the Gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome in Spring 2009, always a pleasure to walk in at any time of the year.


From the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam a beautiful nature morte painting, Flemish school. What I find truly fascinating is how the painter was able to reproduce all the elements, the citrus, the chinese bowl, the silver pitcher and gold goblet and intricate details. We visited in 2008.


Café Metropol, Athens, in front of the Cathedral of Athens, a great place for a coffee and a light meal.


In Rome with my new Borsalino which I purchased in Milan. I found out on a trip to Sicily that this is the type of hat the Capo of a Mafia clan would wear. This explains the puzzled looks I got in Agrigento from local men.



The Giusti Palace and Garden (Italian: Palazzo e giardino Giusti) are located in the east of Verona, Italy, a short distance from Piazza Isolo and near the city centre. The palace was built in the sixteenth century. The garden were planted in 1580 and are considered one of the finest examples of an Italian garden in Europe, a splendid park of terraces climbing upon the hill.