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Well today is the day, bright and Sunny Spring day here in Charlottetown.

For lunch we had Lobster sandwiches, pretty good stuff. Tonight is the party, special cake made by my pastry chef neighbour, food made by our friend Pico who lives a few a few doors from us who is an amazing cook from Senegal. Beautiful fresh flowers, because  it is Spring, they are Tulips. Will also made two patés, one Salmon and one chicken livers with currants, quite good and lots of bubbly for my friends to drink.


1962 going to school first day. My Mom took that photo. 


Flying to Rome some 52 years later, notice the hair cut is pretty much the same.

No that is not water I am drinking.

What an amazing life I have had, quite thankful on this Birthday for my good fortune.

Also thankful for Will and the 39 years we have had so far together.

Laurent & Willi, photo Jean-Marc Carisse 2016 0408_2695 low-res-2 2.jpg