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Yes it is that time of the year, with Spring and restaurants re-opening, Summer programs being announced and all manner of events happening it is time for Burger Love from March 31 to April 30th.

This Burger Festival happens annually on PEI and this year some 84 restaurants are taking the challenge to have their very own designer burger win the top prize. During the festival sale of seafood drops dramatically.

Here is the Burger Love Poster with the name of the restaurants featuring their own designer burger.


The idea is to go to all 84 restaurants to try out all the burgers and then vote for the one you like so the best Chef can win the prize. This means eating 2.7 burgers a day, easy to do and voting for the best.

Even the Art Gallery of the Confederation Centre is advertising this Gastronomic Festival, all the burgers are made from Local PEI products, we have excellent beef on the Island, which I often compare to the beef of Tuscany. All burgers are made from 100% PEI beef, none of that mainland stuff. We also have lots of excellent cheeses, many made by our large Dutch-Canadian community, the buns are also PEI made.

You can also win prizes by participating, per example the Burger-to-be a Mama Contest by sharing a pic of your Bump & Burger on Facebook or My Burger Love Kids Contest where kids draw their burger creation to win a prize. Or you can win 1 of 16 Fryday Prize Packs from Cavendish Farms and PEI Potatoes, prizes are PEI Potatoes Apron, 10 lb bag of PEI Potatoes to make your own PEI homemade fries. How about Thank our Farmers Contest and win a prize or the Planning a Beefy Weekend Road Trip, tell us about it and win for details see www.peiburgerlove.ca/prizes

The one I like is #Saycheese Burger Selfie Contest by ADL Cheese. On twitter share your PEI burger love adventures use tag #Saycheese or #PEIBurgerlove and you can win a gift certificate. Now I know that PM Justin will probably take his shirt off and take a selfie and win just because he is well you know. @PEIBurgerLove

Today after my guiding duty at the Art Gallery, I went for coffee at Receiver Coffee across the street. My twin is a barista, so we took a picture together.

Here it is, we are wearing our CIELE caps.


See the family resemblance? TG and me.