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Willy Or Won't He

It is a commandment of the Torah to tell of the miracles and wonders which happened to our forefathers in Egypt on the Fifteenth of Nissan as it is said:
Remember that day when you went out from Egypt

Rambam, Laws of Hametz and Matza, Chapter 7

This evening at sundown in households of friends and many I consider family that commandment will be obeyed. The house will have been prepared, the Passover table will be set, the Matzot and Seder Plate will be placed before the Leader of the Seder, who will open their Haggadah and begin the first blessing.

Two years ago I wrote about the incredible wealth of Haggadot that have been created over the centuries to guide observers through the rituals and ceremonies of the holy days. One of the most famous is the 13th century Birds’Head Haggadah created in Southern German by a scribe known…

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