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Last year at this time we were 2 weeks away from moving day.  Had to plan the move but also the road trip with the dogs in the back seat of the car. Leaving Ottawa proceeding to Montreal on the 417 and then joining highway 20, up on the South shore of the Saint Lawrence river, at Rivière du Loup joining highway 85 and then highway 2 upon entering the province of New Brunswick.


I had decided to make a stop half way to PEI. However now in hindsight, our half way stop was too early in the day at Rivière du Loup and we should have proceeded to Edmunston in New Brunswick, sort of getting us over the hump so to speak, but I was concerned about the dogs and their comfort. I remember that the next day the road from Rivière du Loup to Edmunston and then to Fredericton to Moncton to the bridge unto the Island seemed endlessly long, Highway 2 hugs the Maine border in that area to then swing out across New Brunswick to the sea.  It was all highway driving and the portion in New Brunswick from the provincial border of Quebec was very scenic, a new highway built at great cost but well worth it. As you drive along the Maine Canada border  into moose country in New Brunswick on the way to Fredericton, I found that part long with warnings all along the road to call police if you see a moose on the road, they can be very dangerous and fatal if they charge your car. The dogs slept on the back seat wrapped in their blankets, though our Nick was mighty apprehensive of this long car ride which he did not understand, while Nora did not seem to care at all, just curious about the new smells.

We did move 4.5 tons of personal effects and goods, which seems like a lot but is the average weight for a couple moving. The moving truck would arrive a few days after our own arrival in Charlottetown. The weather was good all along and the move was done easily with the help of our friend Blake.

Now a year later, we went through our first Winter in PEI, pretty busy with volunteer work with various organizations and lots of social functions. Though some businesses, restaurants close during the Winter months, there is still plenty to do and the amount of Art and Culture is quite surprising for this small Island, certainly well above what one would expect. We did discover that Oysters in Winter are far superior than ones in Summer months, Winter lobster is also a lot better tasting and has far more meat.

Just last week we went to the Pour House for a concert by Guy Davis who is the son of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee, a great blues musician. There are all sorts of things going on in Winter from food festivals to art exhibits to cultural evenings, talks and conferences, pub nights, classic movies or art movie nights, kitchen parties, etc, it is a bit of an insider thing, we are enjoying ourselves and the best of it is our friends here an easy going bunch.

The Winter was also much milder than old Ottawa, not so much in terms of snow and more sunny days. The wind however remains a factor, we are on the Atlantic and wind conditions are always something to be aware of.


One year already, how time flies when you are having fun.