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Listening to passages of Richard Wagner’s Parsifal on this Good Friday. A beautiful sunny bright day, our little puppies are on the balcony taking the Sun, it is for mid-April a nice Spring day, the whole weekend is shaping up to be nice.

Tulips and crocuses are sprouting, birds are signing and people are moving their boats to the Marina, got to be Spring. I had my Summer tires put on this week and car is tuned up. The dealership even washed the car for me, I thought that was a nice gesture. The City has started street cleaning and the brushes our out.


Can’t wait to put the flower boxes out, this is a great spot in the morning for coffee and watching the boats on the Hillsborough river.


A few weeks ago, me at Maid Marian, the Diner in Charlottetown. Celebrating 30 years, a great place for breakfast and coffee, old fashion, clean, good service. This is the place to meet the snow plough operators in Winter, the farmers, the TV and Radio personalities, local personalities and politicians. I am wearing my ball cap because this is official wear if you are an Islander. This is how we can tell who is from away, like them tourists.


Crocuses around the house.


Happy Easter!