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Today on the 18 April 1881 in London the British Museum opened. What a great institution it is.

Also on the 18 April 1506, the construction on the new Saint Peter’s Basilica started, it would last  100 years and a further 30 years was required to do the interior decorations the interior was decorated by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In 1561 Michelangelo was asked to come and work on the building, he designed part of the dome but died before it was completed. The old Saint Peter which had been built in the 4th century AD was destroyed, the building was so old and in a state of disrepair, it had become unsafe.


Here is a fresco in the Church of San Martino in Rome showing the inside of the Old Saint Peter’s basilica before it was demolished.

Some 35 years ago on 17 April 1982 the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is enshrined in our Constitution.


Queen Elizabeth II signs the Proclamation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Parliament Hill, sitting at the table is Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau.