I work as a volunteer at the Art gallery of the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown. I have previously also worked at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Showing art to people and speaking to them about the art works on display is very interesting thing to do. But I have always said that Art only matters if people take an interest in it. The public can come to love an Art work by understanding it, even if it is difficult to approach at first. I see artist like Peter Laszlo Peri,(1899-1967) as artists who made art approachable and more accessible with his idea of having it in public for all to see.

Peter Laszlo Peri, the émigré artist, lived a most extraordinary life. By his death in 1967, he had left an innovative body of work that was characterised by the social awareness of his life and the spirit of the post-war years. Peri’s most famous work, The Sunbathers, created for the Festival of Britain in 1951 […]

via ‘It’s the people who matter’: The Post-War Public Art of Peter Laszlo Peri — Heritage Calling