Very good tips on what to look for in a Fish Market.

Buying Seafood

Tourists ask me all the time about where I get my fish and I tell them I usually stick to two local places that I trust. But once in a while, if I’m on the road I may take a look at a fish market just out of curiosity. Sometimes, if not too far from home I end up bringing home dinner, if I like what I see. Here are 5 tips to finding a good fresh fish market. This is strictly about fresh fish, since today good frozen seafood is readily available. Buying fresh local seafood from fish markets and co-ops is usually a good way to help local fishing communities as well as sourcing the absolute freshest seafood available.


It’s all about location isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better sourcing Fresh Fish and shellfish from a place close to those…

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