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The other night we went out for dinner instead of staying at home as originally planned. The day had been very busy and though we had planned a simple dinner, we were not up to making dinner. So we went to the end of our street which is a former wharf/pier where there is a great restaurant, seafood and lobster of course. The dining room and terrace is build right over the Hillsborough river.

The Lobster on the Wharf was a first for us despite the fact that we live just 300 feet away. We got a table on the terrace with a wonderful view of the river, we have had some very warm weather and it was about 23C that evening. IMG_2558.jpg

The view from our table. Across the river is the town of Stratford.


Behind us in the park the setting sun over Charlottetown.

Also this month the 16 bells of St-Dunstan Basilica pictured above, are being re-installed. They were taken down in 1978 due to structural issues in the one tower of the basilica. A couple of years ago, some citizens of our town got together to fund raised and come up with an engineering plan to built a steel structure inside the North Steeple and re-install the bells so they could once again ring. This year they will once more on Canada Day 1 July to mark the 150th Anniversary of Canada.


steel structure to be installed sitting on the steps of the Basilica.


The containers with the bells inside waiting to be hoisted up.

Across the street is the Great George Hotel, a wonderful little hotel which is composed of a whole block of heritage buildings all built around 1835 and turned into a privately owned hotel. Really a nice place and of course being May the tulips are out.


Talking of Spring, many people are now planning their gardens and Van Kampen is offering the first baskets of flowers. The prices are a little too high for my taste, I am going to wait until mid-June to get what I want, there will also be more choice then.


A small offering of what they have now on sale.

Also with Spring, it is time to clean my Oriental carpets, all of whom I bought in Damascus years ago. It is or was the greatest carpet market in the region. Iran is another great place for carpets but with sanctions it is difficult to bring them out of the country. Damascus was a great market because the great caravans and then the railway brought people to Damascus and the Hejaz railroad would bring the faithful to Mecca. Most people would finance their trip by selling family carpets in Damascus. Great choice and prices. I am so glad I had the opportunity to live 8 years in the Middle-East and enjoy the food, people and culture and the great ancient markets.


They need to be aired and beaten and take some Sun it’s good for the fibers. All are hand made, 100% wool and natural dies, real gems.