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We have on the south side of the house a balcony which overlooks a park to one side and the river on the other. So we always have flower boxes but this year the price of flowers and plants is outrageous. We mentioned to friends who have a house in the city and a home in the countryside that I had been to the usual flower centres and was not pleased with what was on offer and the high prices. Our friend P.S. mentioned a garden centre in York, a small farming community 10 minutes from our place. I had never heard of them, they are just off St-Peter’s Road on York Road. In the area is Vessey and Jewell two well known garden and seed businesses.

From the road looks are deceiving, it looked small but very nice, as we entered the property driving down the driveway I realized that the green houses where tucked away at the back and it was extensive. The prices were much better than in the City a few minutes away. In fact Jewell which is just 3 minutes away did not have as good prices for plants and flowers. Just goes to show that it pays to shop around and talk to people.





Also today I had to deliver my bags of recyclable blue garbage bags, plastic, bottles, paper and cans to the IWMC plant just on the outskirts of town, because of major road repairs on Water Street yesterday, the truck did not come for the schedule pick-up.  So I loaded up the bags in the trunk and drove to the plant, surprisingly a very green place, beautiful mature trees all around. The image of green environment, recycling etc, I simply tossed the bag in big bins and voilà. Since they only do pick-ups once a month and we have on average 9 large bags of plastics, cans, bottles, paper and no were to store it, in the Summer I will simply deliver it to the plant on Saturday morning. Our little Province of PEI is #1 in Canada in terms of recycling.


Unfortunately there are still lots of people who refuse to recycle, why? I believe it has to do with mental disturbance of some kind, like denying climate change, not caring for others or the future, being negative, the age when people could be reasonable is past.