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Just walking around the centre of the City, the old 500 block as it is called and here are some shots of the area. I start first with this archival photo of Queen’s Square which is the geographical centre of the City with the most prominent building, the Legislature of PEI, Province House, 18839286_639172542955873_3791057212684176620_n.jpg

In this photo around 1900 we see the Old Post Office now gone, in the Centre Province House built in 1847 and next to it the Old Court House which is known today as the Coles Building after our first Provincial Premier back in 1851. It currently serves as the seat of the Legislature while Province House is undergoing massive restoration work. The Old Post Office was destroyed by fire and the land remained vacant for a long time. In 1964 the Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation was build in the brutalist style so en vogue back then. The Streets are Queen street and Richmond Street.


Same area, a view of the library of the Confederation building, Province House is just behind with its columns now wrapped up for the process of restoration of the building.

The modern brutalist architecture is somewhat jarring, but was built at a time when the thinking was that a new statement was being made and we were not going to copy or harmonize the architectural styles to please the old.



Richmond street also known as Victoria Row, with its buildings in island sandstone and brick, all of the same 1880 era. The tall spire are St-Dunstan RC Basilica on Great George street. All those buildings are protected and unlikely to be demolished.


Terraces surround the Confederation Centre. It softens the brutalist look of the place. No one would dare build in that style nowadays, it truly belongs in the 1960’s to 1970’s era.


My favourite view, at the end of Queen Street, the entrance to the Harbour of Charlottetown with Rocky Point on the left. This is where the great ships come into the Hillsborough river to dock at the bottom of my street.