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I have not posted anything for a few days, have been quit busy in the last few days. Here is an illustrated story of life on the Island.


Water Street freshly repaved, this is part of the upgrades the City is doing on its main streets to beautify the overall look of Charlottetown. It took 3 weeks to re-do the street which included landscaping and sidewalks.



The Gardens at The Dunes Art Gallery and Café at Brackley Beach, just 15 minutes from our home. We went to the opening of the Dunes which has been in operations for 25 years. A spectacular place, art gallery, jewellery, pottery, fashion, furniture and sculpture from Asia. All on the beach. The food at the Café is wonderful and the menu is very original and elegant. Love the place.


Will bought this art work, showing Indian Head Light House at Summerside, one of the more famous lighthouse on the Island. The artist is Wayne Barrett.


After years of being blocked the great windows of the Art Gallery are open again to daylight.  It is so nice to see natural light into the Museum.


Province House, the 1847 seat of the Provincial Legislature of PEI, renovations are in full swing. In 2020 the Legislature will return to the building once all the work is done.  The project is complex and at this time a special steel footing is being installed all around the old building. Eventually a steel skeleton will lift and hold up the building interior structure while the outside stone walls are dismantled and repaired stone by stone and then all put back together. This building is a National Treasure and highly significant in the history of Canada. The interior are all original to 1847, quite beautiful.


The New Glasgow Church Suppers since 1958, an institution and a great meal by the River Clyde just 25 minutes from our home in a magnificent setting of rolling hills near the sea.



The price on the menu may seem high but what is not said, it’s all you can eat. I did not want lobster, so I had a pale of mussels to eat which our waitress would refill on demand. Same for soup, salad, desserts and coffee, all is made on the premises and it is quite good, we will return with our friends, it is that good.


Just out my living room window, installing new transformers to supply electricity to Receiver Coffee Co. and John’s Bread Works, the bread ovens and the coffee roasters need a lot of electricity. These are two companies we patronize, the coffee is wonderful and the bread from John is the way bread is meant to be.


The Receiver Coffee Co. is moving into the old Brass shop of the now defunct railroad system. A red sand stone building from 1890.


A Constable or Turner sky, you choose. We often get those as Sunset.