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Yesterday our miniature Wire Hair Dachshund Nora got suddenly sick around 6:30pm. She was with us on our South terrace when we noticed she was twitching and had a glaze look in her eyes, she was unable to walk and was unresponsive. She could not see us but could smell and was very afraid.

I immediately phoned the Emergency service at the Animal Vet Clinic of the University of PEI. It is one of the very best Vet schools in North America and offer excellent service at very reasonable prices. We are only 5 minutes away by car, got there and we were met by 2 doctors and one senior student. The examination took 2 hours and the doctors told us that they wanted to keep Nora for the night and wanted to run full blood work etc. we agreed to it readily.

We had no idea if it was a stroke, a seizure or poison. When we got home we were pretty upset and had no appetite for dinner. At 10:30pm the AVC doctor called to tell us that Nora was stable and on IV, they were going to keep an eye on her all night. The following morning they phoned again to tell us she was much better but would keep her for the day and could we come by around 6pm to see her. It was an anxious day, despite the good reports we were receiving. In the end, the Vets told us it was a poison of some kind she had eaten, possibly in Confederation Landing which is the park behind our house on the river. Luckily the dose was not great, just enough to make her really sick.

She is now back at home tonight, doing better but we are keeping an eye on her. Making sure she has water and rest comfortably.