We live in the age of mass tourism, the rhythm is the same in every country it seems. The tourists start appearing all at once by mid-June, prior to that we have a little numbers but nothing great. The daily routine is the same by 10:30 am they are out in force on the street and everywhere, by 12:30pm its crazy and then after 5pm they disappear.

This past Canada Day long weekend every one in Charlottetown was complaining about the traffic and the people, too many of them.

The big expensive ticket item this year is Lobster, with PEI determined to export to China, it looks like the Lobster will go the way of Cod and Atlantic Salmon. No fishers do not learn, same nonsense as before and it is all about greed. Unfortunate but it’s the way of the world it seems.  You can still buy live lobster for $9 dllrs a pound fresh or $10 dllrs cooked at the fish store, in a restaurant be ready to pay five to six times that price. But you can have a lot of other fish, seafood, mussels and Oysters for much less. Last year Lobster was $6 dllrs per pound, the Chinese are really driving the price up, they are willing to pay any price it seems.


Oh, well it could be worse, I have been reading the Italian newspaper and there is no end of complaining about the barbarians invading Rome, they mean foreign tourists. Italians don’t like tourists that much unless you are wealthy, well dressed and behave yourself. However if you are the other types you are barely tolerated. No end of complaining about the barbarians jumping into the fountains like Trevi, Navona, del Tritone, dell’Aqua Paola etc.., the fine this year is $400 USD and a possible jail term. The Police is watching closely and several people have been apprehended already, with their photos splashed in the newspapers, name and country of residence published.


The other complaint of Italians, is about the various food trucks and souvenir vendors around antique historical sites. There is a whole group of Italian academics, archeologists, historians, politicians and every day citizens who have harsh disdain and want it all banned. The City of Rome is already forcing several food trucks out of business, though tourist restaurants selling cheap pasta and pizza around the sites do not help much either.  The greatest complaint and probably the most unfair is about trash around the city.  In this case the politicians are at each others throats, the truth is that the City has done a very poor job of picking up garbage in general, allowing a very chaotic system to exist, it seems worse in popular neighbourhoods if compared to the wealthy areas like Parioli. In this case Romans are to blame not the tourists for being less than civil.

The best time to visit Rome is from Mid-October to Mid-April, the weather is cooler and more pleasant and the barbarians are absent.

So I suppose things could be worse in Charlottetown and if the tourists get to us, well in 10 minutes or less you are out of town and back into the quiet surroundings.