Summer is in full swing, loads of tourists looking lost. But all is quiet by 9pm. which is nice. One thing I always find fascinating is the Sunset and the sky, which have a great quality in terms of luminosity. If I go to Victoria Park at the end of our street it is even a better show with the bay and the opening unto the Strait and all the surrounding greenery.




We had our Wedding Anniversary dinner at The Pearl Eatery on Cavendish Rd near North Rustico. It was recommended to us by a friend D.S. what a wonderful place.


It is in a field with beautiful trees and flower beds. The ground floor is the dining room and the first floor is a lounge. The service, the food, everything was so pleasant.


Quiet and understated, attention to details, only 12 tables.

We started with oysters from Malpeque Bay.


Then on Sunday we went to the Indian River Festival, which is in its 22 yr. at Saint Mary’s Church (deconsecrated). A beautiful church built by William Critchlow Harris in the style he is famous for, the entire ceiling in wood, is shaped as if it was the inside of a violin, thus giving superior acoustic. This church was built about 100 years ago and was entirely funded by the then farming community. Though it is a concert hall now, the interior has preserved all of its original church furniture and statues. It is in the style of what is called Canadian Gothic. The cemetery next to the church is still used by the parish.


the new hall for food and drinks used at intermission.


the field across the way, was used as a cow pasture last year and this year is used for a potato crop. About two minutes away is Malpeque bay with its oyster beds.

A few nights ago, we were a bit tired and did not feel like cooking so we went down the street to a local eatery Lobster on the Wharf, I like the calamari. Their deck was before 1990 the drop off point for the ferries to cross to SouthPort or Stratford.

The view is very nice and it is a pleasant spot to have dinner.