I should say beaches since we have several all around here. The North Shore about 20 minutes away from me, has several beaches inside the National Park, Stanhope, Brackley, Dalvay and Blooming Point. Today was a beautiful day and there was steady traffic going to the beaches. No traffic jams no, but it was difficult to park. I did finally find a spot down a little road probably missed by the multitudes. A easy two minute walk on a sandy road crossing the sand dunes to the beach. Despite the large number of people I thought I was going to encounter, in fact I was almost alone, the beaches stretch for several kilometres so it is easy to be on your own.


The Dunes are covered by grasses, shrubs and Atlantic pine trees. Many birds live here and they are protected, you cannot walk on the dunes.



The beach is quiet and clean, you can walk and walk, just sit here and looks at the water of the Gulf of St-Lawrence.



Yes these are jelly fish on the beach at the water’s edge. They appeared in the last week, and more float in the water. Apparently they are not dangerous and most people do not feel any ill effects.


More dunes seen from the road, it is quiet and you can hear all kinds of birds singing.